Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chapter 37

Daisy Ellen was at it again. She and Susan Ellen were still applying for a loan for their saran wrap product and they were still working on that fucking business proposal.

On the phone, I overheard Daisy Ellen say, “We’re going to get this, Susan Ellen. We’re women starting a business. And that’s not an everyday thing. You’re a minority doing all of this and we need to use that to get people on our side.”

Susan Ellen hung up. She looked to me, “What’s a minority?”

I did a breath out/laugh sort of thing and asked, “What?”

“What’s a minority?”

“You don’t… you don’t know what a minority is?”

“No,” she said matter-of-factly.

How do you describe to someone what a minority is? It’s like describing to someone what a fruit or a Jew is or something. It’s just something you know.

I told her, “It’s just someone who’s not in the majority.”

She shrugged.

I looked over to her desk and saw three tiny bottles of rosemary oil and one tiny bottle of lavender oil.

“Okay, so here you have four bottles of oil. Three of them are rosemary and one of them is lavender. The lavender bottle would be a minority because there’s less of it.”

“Oh, well I have more lavender right here,” Susan Ellen said as she opened her desk drawer. She pulled out three more bottles of lavender oil and gave them to me. “What do you need lavender for? If it’s for those pimples on your chin I would definitely recommend sulfur-soap opposed to lavender oil.”

“Never mind,” I said as I did a google search to find where I could buy some sulfur-soap.

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