Monday, July 7, 2008

Chapter 15

Despite the two-hour drive, the trek from Silver Lake to the Pacific Palisades is quite nice. You get to drive on the PCH and through Topanga Canyon.

When I reached the street that I thought Susan Ellen's office was on, I grew a little concerned.

"This is oddly residential…"

I found a spot and marched up to a condominium.

Oh no…

I can't work in someone's home again.

I maintained hope. Maybe this Susan Ellen owns this condominium as her office. Miranda July has a house in Echo Park as her office. Maybe a lot of interesting and innovative people do this. I don’t know.

I marched up to the front door and saw an index card. "Please ring doorbell by the garage."

I circled around to the back and rang the doorbell.

A nano-second after the "ding-dong", the loudest yips to ever emanate from puppies echoed throughout all of the Palisades.

The garage opened outward and I saw the most frazzled lady place a pile sheets into a washer.

"Hi! Thank God you're here!"

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