Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chapter 4

I spent my days off vomiting and laughing. I imagined boss-man as a person who has actually had sex before and I would vomit. Then, I recall the fact that I found a raunchy IM conversation printed out and I would laugh.

Who prints out those conversations? Subsequently, who places them next to the tax forms that you plan on sending to the IRS?

I talked to a few friends, especially some friends who have worked as nannies or personal assistants before. Many of them that when you work out of someone’s home you may find personal things that you wish you didn’t find. Like it or not, people have personal lives with weird fetishes and you just need to pretend you didn’t find it. It’s just like losing your virginity or attending the Catholic Church: weird things happen, but you just got to deal with it and move on.

Someone told me once they knew a person who used to clean homes. He mentioned one day this person found a used mason jar of tampons underneath the sink.

Now, based on what I read of the chat it didn’t seem like he was talking to any underage or threatening anyone in anyway. Both parties seemed consenting on having such a discourse. Who am I to judge? The hours were good. I needed money. My new boss at the time at my other part-time job was embarking on his reign of dictatorship and taking responsibilities away from me. I needed the money and well… something to do.

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