Monday, April 14, 2008

Chapter 6

Boss-man left an email lying on his kitchen table. As I was heating up some coffee, I read it and then typed it up and emailed it to myself. Here it is:

‘sup MAsterFLTR81-

its been sooooooo looooong since i last rote. im soooooooo sorry,, but things’ve been uber busy with classes. ugh 9th grade is hard!!!

aaron and I finaly broke up because he kept pressuring me 2 have a 3-way wit this grl Courtney. and im like fuckin’ no way. i told u be4 I didn’t mind him cheatin and shit- i always new he wuz but like…i couldnt do it NEmore.

idk. i met this ew guy corey who works at the bowlin’ alley. he treats mee good so idk wat will happen wit that but well see.

howz ur life? work? love life? sex life? NEthing kinky?