Monday, April 7, 2008

Chapter 5

Here is a subsequent list of items that boss-man leaves lying around his apartment:

1.) A framed picture on a city street of him standing behind a woman who is bent over. Her arms are crossed over her chest hiding her cleavage. This picture is 8 by 11” and framed. I’m assuming he’s going to hang it on the wall next to the picture of his nephew from his bar-mitzvah. This inspired me to frame a photo that I was tagged in on Facebook where I was doing coke off of the dick of a male prostitute in Cabo. It is hanging on the wall next to a picture of my roommate's nephew's baptism.

2.) Boss-man asks me to organize his receipts. All of them are from his stay at various Holiday Inns in Southern California. All of them have “Adult Video” included in the subtotal. I therefore file them in business expenses.

3.) When boss-man is working at home, he chats on IM. I do, too, but with the computer on silent. However, boss-man seems to like the AIM jingles he customized. This is because every time he would send an IM the sound would be Fonzie saying “eeeyyy!” Every time he would receive an IM, it would be of a woman screaming. I have yet to decipher whether she was screaming out of ecstasy, or pain. Or even both. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was into snuff.

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Shannon said...

lol i wish i had video of the workspace during one of his IM sessions. just an endless loop of "heeeeyyy!" and "ahhhhhggghh!" back and forth, back and forth. i'm living it in my head and it's priceless.